Ag-Tastic has been a long time supporter of Open Source software and solutions. FarmLogs is one of those companies that provide free and near free solutions to the Agriculture market. A new feature is now released which performs automated activity entries to help you stay on top of those daily record keeping. Of course this is a premium features, which means it will eventually have a cost associated with it but for 2015 it is free. The folks at FarmLogs have requested that we provide them with users of their product to help them “Train” the system.  

Here is a an excerpt from their invite:

I’m reaching out to you today because we’re getting ready to launch a new premium feature, Automatic Activity Recording, which records the work that’s being done on your fields. When you have this feature, the mobile app automatically detects when it enters a field; it then begins gathering information to intelligently determine details about an activity and record it in your system. This allows you to keep more detailed and accurate records without having to spend additional time entering information manually. 

We are really excited to launch Automatic Activity Recording and are likewise eager to get early feedback on it before we share it with all of our customers. If you’re interested in previewing it, we’d love to give you this feature for free for all of 2015; our only request is that you use the app to help us “train” it and then give us your honest feedback about how the feature is performing and how we can improve it for you.

If you’re interested in giving Automatic Activity Recording a try and you have an iPhone or Android phone, please just reply to me and let me know which phone you use. I’ll start working with our engineers to get you set up as soon as possible!

If you are not already a user of their FREE product, please go to FarmLogs and create an account. When you get a confirmation that your account it active, email Heidi ( to tell her that Ag-Tastic referred you.

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