AgLeader is one of the few companies that builds their products to be color blind which means that they work across most makes and models of tractors and implements. There are only a few AgLeader dealers in the deep south and Ag-Tastic is one of those “proud to be a dealer for AgLeader“. As a matter of fact, Ag-Tastic has an advantage over most of the other dealers. We are born from a computer services company, so the technical stuff is easy for us. We are learning the agronomy side in leaps and bounds and all I can say is that you will love AgLeaders products. Click here to see AgLeaders Products.


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AgLeader purchased the Soil-Max product line to complement their Water Management solution. If you need to install drainage tile, this is the plow that you need. It has the lowest ROI of any implement that you will every own. The payback is less than 200 acres. After that, it can be used to make you money since there are so few contractors available. Most farmers are opting to use the Irri-drain pipe (an ADS product) for subsurface drainage as well as irrigation. This is done by encircling the field with solid pipe and interconnecting the cross field Irri-drain pipes into this solid pipe. Multiple gates are used to control the level of the water contained within this subsurface water reservoir.

The local SoilMax dealer for this area is Lasseter Implements in Douglas GA.

SiolMax GoldDigger1SoilMax Gold Digger – 3 point hitch




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Ag-Tastic is proud to be the only dealer for Greentronics south of the Mason Dixon Line. That confirms that Ag-Tastic is far ahead of the other Precision Ag companies when it comes to addressing the needs for the farmers we service. Sub surface vegetables that are harvested by row machines are the hardest products to measure yield on.  Greentronics is one of those companies that provides that capability. Ag-Tastic chose Greentronics for their proven product line and their color blindness!

Yield Monitoring is the report card for any Precision Ag “PA“campaign. If you are not measuring your yield then you cannot confirm whether those PA activities worked. One of the phrases that Ag-Tastic uses is “You cannot measure what you do not measure”. If you are planning to do PA, you have to consider yield monitor solutions. Greentronics is the yield monitor for root and vegetable harvesters.

Another product that you should look at is the conveyor scale at your facility where you load trucks to be shipped off. The Greentronics scale puts you within 1% of the weight that you want on that truck. This eliminates wasted trips to and from the scales, either taking off or putting on produce to properly load the truck. Very quick ROI on this product because of the efficiency of the loading process.


Greentronics Conveyor Scale






To see a video on these products please follow this link GreenTronics Video

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ADS Pipe is the premier pipe company for many industries. Their Irri-drain pipe is the key to tile drainage and is a perfect match to the SoilMax plow. Ag-Tastic can arrange all of your purchase needs for pipe. With a manufacturing site in Orlando, shipping costs are minimal and deliveries can be easily coordinated.

Take a look at the Water Management Product Line by clicking here.

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No we don’t sell phones – unless that becomes profitable for us – Ha!

We sell and maintain gateways. I know I am not talking your language but a gateway is a specialized device. Most folks are aware that you can use your cellphone to provide a wireless connection or you purchase a MIFI or a Jetpack that is dedicated to provide WIFI. The difference is that a gateway can provide so many more services beyond just WIFI. Think of the gateway like the router that your internet provider sold / rented you. Each brand has different features and those features determine which one is best for your solution. Verizon has a wide array of gateway vendors.

Gateways are not the only thing that Ag-Tastic is dealing with Verizon with. Verizon has invested largely in M2M “Machine to Machine” and IoT “Internet of Things” because of the bright future these technologies have in the agriculture market.

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Since 1992 Scale-Tec has been an industry leader in selling, servicing and repairing agricultural and farming industry scales. Unlike some repair and service providers we are able to assist with all types of scales from Avery Weigh Tronix Scales to Digistar Scale models as well as new technology like the Agrimatics Libra, which offers access to your agribusiness scale from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.

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A cost effective Soil Moisture management system. With the growing concerns for water in California, you have to expect that those regulations will some day filter over to us. There are lots of interest in the “cost share” arena so it makes sense for us to bring this technology to our customers.

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LinxUp is a vehicle / asset tracking company that provides a sweet inteface to manage your assets and know where they are at all time. Go to their site to take a look.




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Farmlogs is a FREE Cloud Based “Farm management” software that gives you the capability to map your fields,  record activities in your fields, keep maintenance records on your equipment, get automated rainfall alerts on each of your fields, manage your crops and inputs, etc.

Ag-Tastic has helped a few farmers set up their accounts and the features are very good. What have you got to lose? Goto FarmLogs to set up and account and download the smartphone app to record activities with your phone.

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