Ag-Tastic Solutions is your technology partner for all things Agriculture. We are now in the UAV business. Our IRIS+ arrived yesterday and the GoPro camera will arrive later this week. These purchases marks the beginning of a 3 month investigation and educational venture to help understand all the things that comes with the ownership of a UAV. UAVs have proven to be one of the most “afford-able” crop scouting tool a farmer can add to their tool kit.

Aerial crop scouting performed on a weekly basis not only compliments soil data but validates all of your crop efforts up to that moment. It will greatly enhance your decisions on future (near and far) fertilizer and spray applications and whether you should implement Variable Rate technologies to account for soil variations. By owning your own UAV you can perform daily missions to help understand affects from a weather or disease event and make quick decisions on how to mitigate that event.

From a technical side, Ag-Tastic can provide you with pre-planning on what computer needs you have to have in place in order to manage all of the data “in house”. There are plenty of cloud based software offerings that have sprung up since the UAV inception, but most of these solutions are not built for the small farmer. Their costs can be prohibitive and the technical knowledge needed to work with them can be challenging. Our thoughts are that the small farmer can purchase a UAV and manage their own data.

UAV prices are low enough to be affordable for ANY farmer but which one do you choose and where do you get support. Ag-Tastic is working to secure partnerships and dealerships with various UAV manufacturers to provide local support.

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