The Company

Ag-Tastic Solutions is a rare breed in the Precision Agriculture market because we are born from a computer company “Augustine Computer Services” that is well established and been in business since 2005. That means that we totally understand the technology first and foremost. We consult, sell and service Precision Ag equipment. Of course we also perform computer services as well. If you do not have good reliable computer systems, you will not be able to reap the benefits of your Precision Ag endeavors. We became an AgLeader Dealer in January of 2014 after many length discussions and research of other Precision Ag Equipment Manufacturers. We feel that AgLeader is the key component for our success because they works across all brands of tractors and implements. Others do somewhat but AgLeader is the most color blind of them all. We strive to stay brand neutral on tractor manufacturers and implements so we have to have a solution that works across all of them. We actively pursue dealership and partnerships with other companies that produce products that fit into the “High Tech” Agriculture vertical. Products that you will not find at a Tractor Dealership. We are based in Saint Augustine, FL, so we are positioned to quickly service clients in the North East and Central Florida as well as South East Georgia. We plan to cover up to a 200 mile radius in the near future.


Our Approach

We are believe in education for the clients as well as our employees. We do lunch and learns on the hottest topics at the time. We subscribe to many informational magazines and online subscriptions and list them as well – We keep close relations with agronomists and equipment suppliers so that we can stay ahead of the changing technologies. As mentioned above, we know the computer and data services that are needed for you to be successful in your Precision Ag venture. We totally understand the true value of the DATA that is created from Precision Ag practices. The value of that DATA grows each year and if you are not saving that DATA for future reference you are really missing out on the whole movement. Our team of Adjunct employees are composed of close friends and ex coworkers that have proven records and are trusted in their field of expertise. They are adjunct because this is a brand new company that does not have the financial backing to support a team during the initial growth but do not let that be a concern because each and every person is willing to testify to the commitment and direction of this company. To read about our team members, open the lists below.

The Team

Jim Simak – Adjunct CIO/CFO

I am focused on vertical software and technology solutions in Agro-farming, and oversees aspects of business development, market research and channel development.   I have more than 25 years of experience in technology, commercial software development, general management and service delivery. My extensive career includes working for several Fortune 500 companies including Harris Computer, IBM, Computer Science Corporations and General Dynamics. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh in 1986 and continued graduate studies in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Texas. I earned my MBA from Jacksonville University in 2007. Long time close friend and previous coworker with Scott Graddy.

John Sutton – Adjunct Network & Systems engineer

My focus is on DATA Center services, continuity of services and DATA restoration. I have a long and distinguished career in Data Center operations. My extensive career includes working for several Fortune 500 including EDS, ECI Telecom, CEVA and Convergys since I left the Marine Corp. in 1989. Long time close friend and previous coworker with Scott Graddy.

Albert Lau – Adjunct Database Admin

I have 6 years of experience as an admin for SQL databases. I graduated from UNF in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science, Computer Information Science and received my MCTS in March of 2012 Long time close friend and previous coworker with Scott Graddy.

Myron Leonard – Adjunct Database & Software Developer

I have many years of experience developing software that communicate with databases. I graduated from UNF in 2010 with an AA degree. Long time close friend and previous coworker with Scott Graddy.

The Family

Scott and Nancy Graddy – Owners

Married in 1985, with 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren, we believe in family. We moved to from Sumterville, FL to Saint Augustine in 1996 for a career change for Scott and because we always loved the area. Our children participate and the hopes are that the grandchildren will someday be a part of this great venture.

Scott – Precision Ag – Technology Specialist

My passion for farming started at an early age living in Wildwood FL. Not being raised in a family that owned land, farming was not profitable but the passion for that life remained throughout my extensive professional career in the computer field. Between 2003 and 2013, I have been in various management positions with only one person to manage, myself, but many projects that typically would require a team to manage. That experience combined with my diverse mechanical skills make me a viable consultant across many technologies. Now that Precision Agriculture is a moving force, I believe that have found my niche. I have had many labels but the one that I am most proud of is “the Go to Guy”. I am committed to being the most knowledgeable Ag consultant you can find. As an advocate for Conservation, I believe in a phrase that I use all the time when I teach Hunter Safety “Conservation is the Wise use of resources“. Precision Farming is a conservation movement. Current PA technologies consistently result in a higher yields with reduced amounts of fertilizers, chemicals and natural resources. I have had a long and broad history of experience in everything electronics since I graduating from United Electronics Institute in 1983. I am one of those people that cannot get enough. I am interested in everything high tech. My portfolio covers – RF communications, Radar and Microwave communications, Telephone systems, Telecom and Computer systems, Data center operations and board level repairs.

Nancy – AP / AR / future side by side driver

I am known as the most versatile person in the office. Since 2000, I have worked at Gator Door East in Saint Augustine and have performed many bookkeeping tasks and eventually taking over all of the AP & AR functions. I am trustworthy, hardworking and dedicated to make this new venture a place for my family to work and prosper. My ultimate goal is the drive the side by side doing soil sampling and field mapping with my grandkids in tow.

Amanda Brubaker – Daughter

I help with scheduling, various paperwork tasks and public relations with the local farmers. I am a housewife to an Elkton FL Potato farmer with 3 children so I am closely connected to the local farmers if you know what I mean.

Jessica Graddy – Daughter

I help on any task that is asked of me. I don’t mind getting dirty and I am quick to pull on my father’s reins when he starts talking over everyone’s head about high tech stuff. I am a massage therapist by trade but love working in this market.