For Immediate Release 10/10/2015

“Newly Innovative Automatic Depth Controller for Peanut Diggers”

Ag-Tastic Solutions of Saint John’s County, Florida and Greentronics Ltd. announce the immediate availability of their 1st to Market “Automatic Depth controller for Peanut diggers”.

Iron City, GA—Ag-Tastic Solutions of Saint John’s County, Florida announced today that they have completed and successfully tested a fully functional “Newly Innovative Automatic Depth Controller for Peanut Diggers” using a RiteDepth controller manufactured by Greentronics Ltd. Greentronics have been constructing  Height and depth controllers for agricultural crops for several years. The use of the RiteDepth controller has a proven record in many other root crops, but peanuts have been a challenge because of the thick vegetative canopy during harvest. Such a challenge that many others who have been racing to find a solution have not been successful. The breakthrough was made possible after one farmer’s desire to make this system work on his farm. The solution simply proves again that only the farmer can provide the necessary information and  the proper tweaks needed to make applications  work in the field. Kyle Sheffield of Iron City, GA is the farmer who is credited  with the missing link and is the focus of this Press Release.

We expect and are confident that a depth controller will save enough to pay for itself in the first year, based on the model of a farmer with 2000 acres of peanuts. That is an impressive ROI and one that Ag-Tastic is proud to be a part of. Scott Graddy of Ag-Tastic Solutions stated that “Greentronics products have proven time and again that their equipment has one of the best ROIs for my customers. Each time we install one, it is a win – win for us  and the customer. I thoroughly believed  that somehow there was a way to design a RiteDepth controller work for peanuts, but like everyone else, we were looking too hard and complicating things. Kyle’s modification to his KMC digger was the perfect solution.

Full details on how you can get one reserved for your digger, contact Scott Graddy with Ag-Tastic Solutions (904) 201-3509

Debut of the product

Ag-Tastic and Greentronics will have a booth “AB310” at the 2015 SunBelt Expo in Moutlrie GA on Oct. 20-22

About Ag-Tastic Solutions

Ag-Tastic Solutions sells a multitude of Precision Ag technologies. They are a full service and sales company based in St. Augustine, FL. Ag-Tastic is the only Greentronics Dealer south of the Mason Dixon Line.

For more information for obtaining a quote for a kit to compliment your Peanut Digger, contact:

Scott Graddy
(904) 201-3509

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